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The Call

by Odd Owl

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Verse 1: What will you do when the money's gone cold? What will you do when there's nothing left? Oo the nation's falling and you hold it against yourself What will you do if it doesn't work out? Foxy money for a rainy day fund Oo better get a real job Before you're on the run Chorus: You’ve got the call, call, call You’ve got the call, call, call Where do we go from here? Who survives as a New American? Another dead career Who survives as a New American? How do we shake the fear? Who survives as a New American? It’s gonna be our year To survive as a New American Verse 2: Should you put a price on dreams? Would you if you were alone? Oo the expectations From others and your own And what if you take another way out? Will it fund your happiness too? Oo when your door closes How will they think of you? Chorus
Verse: On the bus I see people retreat in their heads Using music to shy away from the world ahead Sit and wonder if someday that's how they'll listen To our songs on the bus in the same position Pre-Chorus: Somehow you trust a river To flow around the bend The way it always flows one way in the end You find your way again Chorus: Way to go, Apollo I know that we'll get better Take my word for better or worse And we'll go out together Verse 2: There's a burner alight in the back of my head Kept a vigilant watch as the fire begins to spread All your fears started clamoring from remission For a number of years til you're in the same position Chorus: Way to go, Apollo I know that we'll get better Take my word for better or worse And we'll go out together No revisions, just decisions But it's now or never Way to go, Apollo I know that we'll get better
The Way Home 03:22
Stranded out of gas One mile from the overpass Every second that ticks past Makes me think of you The rain a-coming down Wonder how it is in this town When you’re up you’re up, you’re down you’re down That’s all there is to do Chorus: Doot do do do do doo do Doot do doo do do do doo do Doot do do do do doo do Doot do do do doo do Doot do do do do doo do Doot do doo do do do doo do Doot do do do do doo do Doot do do do doo do You came without cost When I thought everything was lost There to lend a helping hand When I became blue Heroes come and go With their small armies in tow The world for all we know Is something sad and true It’s so true, so true Chorus The way home has left Came up short fifty cents Seems there’s no way outta this mess Except straight through And if I get home to you Tell you what I’m gonna do Repent for all of my ways Make it up to you, whoa Chorus x2
Radioheart 03:36
Verse 1: All the people I know are Faking it through piles of hay Reminded by a needle why They're digging in the first place All the people I know are Growing up just to grow bored I can feel my hands and feet But I don't know who I am anymore Chorus: My skin and bones still vibrate from a Radioheart Drifts in and out won’t always finish what it starts It doesn’t know how to turn itself off A Radioheart wants to love and to be loved Verse 2: Someone took piles of feathers Mended them back into wings Someone waits in the place I Thought I only made for me All the people I know how Happy they would be to see If all their dreams would want them With the strength they want their dreams Chorus
Verse 1: Taking off for outer rim I know we talked about it It’s not going to make it any easier Leaving you like this But each star born from your mouth Is burning light years away And every hint that flickers out Dances ‘round the room like swordplay Ooh, now I hear nothing at all Ooh, now I hear nothing at all Chorus: It’s getting so cold in here The words have frozen to my lips So I’ll send my thoughts in dots and dashes Straight to you from my spaceship If only you’d receive the message As if you could read my mind But every reason I invent just Leaves your answer far behind Verse 2: Staring out at constellations Wondering if I rewrote the cards Would we be settled in some city With five kids and a yard You dove down to black hole in my heart Stuck around though you always knew Maybe leaving was letting me take the fall So you don’t have to Chorus Some people are spaceships Only fit for big, big spaces Some people are spaceships Flying off to distant places


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released March 15, 2014

All music by Odd Owl:
Carmen Caruso - lead vocals, keys
Philip Jacobsen - guitar
Stephen Muñoz - bass, backup vocals, ukelele
Adam Wadenius - drums

All songs written by Carmen Caruso & Philip Jacobsen except for The Way home (Caruso) and Way To Go, Apollo (melody by Caruso, Jacobsen, Muñoz, Wadenius; lyrics by Caruso & Jacobsen)

Recorded at Light Rail Studios, SF, CA
Overdubbing and Editing at Little Bird Studios, SF, CA
Producer & Arranger: Carmen Caruso
Recording & Mixing Engineer: Elton Cunniffe
Illustration: Trillian Spencer - www.trilltrillian.com
Color & Album Design: Carmen Caruso

Guest Musicians:

Liam McCormick - backup vocals
(New Americans, Way to Go, Apollo, Radioheart, Some People Are Spaceships)

Alex Haager - backup vocals
(New Americans, Way to Go Apollo, Some People Are Spaceships)

Walt Wadenius - Bb trumpet
(Radioheart, Some People Are Spaceships)

Larrie Dastrup - Bb piccolo trumpet
(Some People Are Spaceships)


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Odd Owl San Francisco, California

Odd Owl is an indie group out of San Francisco, CA that started in January 2010. They enjoy creating and crafting interesting pop structures, insightful lyrics, and catchy melodies.

Carmen Caruso - lead vocals, keyboards, programming
Phil Jacobsen - guitar, backup vocals
Adam Wadenius - drums
Tim Switzer - bass
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